Minting an NFD




AuthorizationStringBearer API Key of the user account to be retrieved from. Can be retrieved from the user's profile page.
fileobjectPDF file that will be minted as an Non-fungible document(NFD).
imageobject(optional) - image used as thumbnail for NFD
unitNamestringName of token used to govern NFD once created. Maximum of 8 characters. e.g. Alice
assetNamestringFull name of NFD, maximum of 32 characters. E.g. Alice manuscript
descriptionstring or null(optional) - Short description of NFD.
pagesnumber or null(optional) - total number of pages in your PDF file
wordCountnumber or null(optional) - total number of words in your PDF file
languagestring or null(optional) - Lanaguage of document
creatorstring or null(optional) - Author or creator of document
creatorEmailstring or null(optional) - Email or creator of document
creationDatestring(optional) - Date of publish of document.
storeOnIPFSbooleanChoose if pdf file and image file will be stored on IPFS.
nftStandardstring - 'ARC3' or 'ARC69'Algorand NFT Standard

Postman example


If the minting of the document is successful, e.g. ARC3

    "status": "OK",
    "data": {
        "assetId": 666855864,
        "pdfIpfsUrl": "",
        "imageIpfsUrl": "",
        "nftMetadata": {
            "decimals": 0,
            "document_url": "",
            "document_integrity": "sha256-1rQzGgj+aDeIMpq4naJRZjsOdscluvdxaoWIWV2Lk90=",
            "document_mimetype": "application/pdf",
            "name": "CLOUDHACK",
            "properties": {
                "creator": "CLOUDFEST",
                "creator_email": null,
                "creation_date": null,
                "description": "cloudfest_nfd",
                "document_words": 587,
                "document_pages": 2,
                "document_locale": "english",
                "preview_url": "",
                "image_mimetype": "image/jpeg"
            "unitName": "HACK"

Error codes

INVALID_API_KEYInvalid internal API key. The internal API keys does not match.
INVALID_USER_API_KEYThe user API key provided does not match any existing records.
NO_PERMISSIONThe user does not have the permissions to perform this function.
INVALID_DATAThere are missing data, or data provided was invalid
NO_FILE_ATTACHEDThere are no files attached(one of the parameters)
FILE_ATTACHMENT_ISSUEThere are more than 2 files attached in the request body
INVALID_FILE_TYPEFor document file, file uploaded must be of .pdf format.
For image, please upload a file of .png or .jpeg format.